About Us

The Nepal Agriculture Federation (NAF) is on umbrella organization established on 28 June 2006 in Hariharbhawan, Pulchok, Lalitpur to enhance the professional skills and safeguard the welfare of agriculturists in Nepal. It aims at providing a forum for sharing and exchanging knowledge among agriculturists, entrepreneurs and farmers in the field of agricultural science and technology. At present, there are 10 different associations and societies affiliated with NAF and many more such organizations involved in agriculture development are expected to join in the near future.

Broad-based, sustainable and dynami agriculture sector that responds to the needs of farmers, agro-processors and high economic growth of Nepal.

To boost the professional competence, confidence and morale of agricultural development workers in Nepal.

To safeguard the welfare of the agriculturists in Nepal.

NAF attempts to undertake the following:

  • Enhance professional competence, confidence and morale of agriculturists.
  • Facilitate the government to review and formulate policies, strategies, plans, acts and regulation related to agriculture.
  • Conduct research and training activities to make Nepalese agriculture more competitive.
  • Implement income generating programs for poor and disadvantaged groups.
  • Identify areas and opportunities that meet professional interest.
  • Organize seminar, workshop, talk programs etc. on agriculture and related sectors.
  • Establish linkage with national and international agencies with similar objectives and functions.
  • Provide consultancy services in agriculture.
  • Recognize agriculturists\' and farmers\' outstanding contributions.

Financial Resources
The financial resources of NAF constitute

  • Membership fees;
  • Grants from the government and other donor agencies;
  • Funds from consultancy services;
  • Sales of publications and advertisements; and
  • Assets donated by the governments and other donors.

NAF has the following four types of membership

General Member : Any registered agriculture organizations are eligible to the general member upon payment of annual fee as per NAF rule.

Life Member : Any association, committee, societies eligible to be the general member can be a life member upon payment of fee prescribe by the NAF.

Founder Member : The members who took initiatives to establish NAF and became life member in the beginning are the foundationmembers.

Honorary Member : Any institutions or individuals, who outstandingly contribute to NAF, can be awarded honorary membership by the NAF.

General Assembly
It is the supreme body of the NAF comprising all the members motioned above except the honorary member. It develops and approves policies, strategies, plans and programs for NAF. The general assembly meeting is held annually but members are to be informed 15 days before the date of meeting. The special general assembly meeting can be held at any time if it is demanded by one fourth of the total members with special reasons. Here members are to be informed 7 days before the meeting.

Message of President

Ganesh Kumar KC

We feel extremely honored and express my great pleasure to bring our federation's website www.naf.org.np to be accessible to our valued readers. In this occasion, We would like to express warm welcome to all of you for investing your valuable time for surfing this site. we would like to take this opportunity to request all our recipients, donor agencies and well-wishers for their incessant support and cooperation in an attempt to achieve the goals and thank them heartily for their good wishes at all times. We hope, the information provided in this site will be useful to all of you. We assure you that, we will updating the information regularly. We look forward to receive your valuable comments and suggestions for correction this site. Thank you surfing this site.
Ganesh KC, President

Contact Details

Nepal Agriculture Federation
Agriculture Marketing Directorate
Harihar Bhawan
Phone: 9851084226,9851007264,
Email: info@naf.org.np