Agronomy Society of Nepal (ASoN)


Agronomy Society of Nepal (ASoN) was incepted in 2050 (1994 AD) by senior agronomists working under the Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC), Department of Agriculture (DoA), N/G organizations, I/N organizations and retired agronomists across the country. The founder of the ASoN perceived that agriculture has the main role in Nepalese economy. Internalizing this concept, agriculture graduates should play active role in uplifting livelihood of Nepalese farmers by organizing under the umbrella of Agronomy Society of Nepal (ASoN). Hence, ASoN was established to enhance professional endeavor of agronomists and contribute to the agriculture development of Nepal as well.


ASoN shall fully dedicate to the professional endeavor of agronomists in Nepal and it shall abide by the rules and regulations of the Government of Nepal so as career development of agronomists is concerned.

As envisaged in the ASoN constitution 1994, objectives of the ASoN are as follow:

1. Encourage to develop cordial relation among interested individuals and organizations under the disciplines of agronomy, botany and crop  development for the professional upliftment of agronomists across Nepal. 

2.   Provide constructive suggestion to the government of Nepal by reviewing agriculture related policy and program for uplifting livelihood of Nepalese farmers.

3.   On the basis of contribution made by its members ASoN shall encourage them from time to time.

4.   Establish link and coordination among national and international institutions and scientists related to agriculture science by exchanging bilateral knowledge and experiences. 

5.   Provide consultancy services to national and international institutions and persons based on needs.

6.   Encourage ASoN members to establish professional consultancy and services.

7.   Develop cordial relations among farmers’ group and  sister organizations by providing mutual services and help. 

8.   Involve to activities that are beneficial to national and individual perspectives related to agriculture.

9.   Help farmers by developing technologies related to  agronomy and crop science so that livelihood of farmers is enhanced.

Provision of membership in the ASoN

There shall be three categories of membership in the ASoN:

1.   General member: Graduates in agronomy, botany, seed science, agriculture plus post graduates in these disciplines.

2.   Associate member:  Officers as mentioned in the general member category who are not graduates. These do not have voting rights.

3.   Honorary member: Scientists/ agriculturists who have made outstanding contribution in the field of agriculture and to the society.  

Execuetive Committee Elected in 2009

President                        :       Mina Nath Paudel

Vice President               :       Niru Dahal Pandey

General Secretary        :       Madan Thapa

Joint Secretary             :       Nirmal Gadal

Treasurer                       :       Dayamani Devi Gautam

Members                       :       Bindeshwar Prasad Sah

Advisers                         :       Chandra Kanta Khanal

                                        :       Khem Raj Dahal

                                        :       Rajendra Kumar Bhattarai

                                        :       Bimal Thapa

                                        :       Balram Bhandari

                                        :       Rajman Prasad Chaudhary

                                        :       Kausal Kisor Lal

                                        :       Ram Pratap Sah

Message of President

Ganesh Kumar KC

We feel extremely honored and express my great pleasure to bring our federation's website to be accessible to our valued readers. In this occasion, We would like to express warm welcome to all of you for investing your valuable time for surfing this site. we would like to take this opportunity to request all our recipients, donor agencies and well-wishers for their incessant support and cooperation in an attempt to achieve the goals and thank them heartily for their good wishes at all times. We hope, the information provided in this site will be useful to all of you. We assure you that, we will updating the information regularly. We look forward to receive your valuable comments and suggestions for correction this site. Thank you surfing this site.
Ganesh KC, President

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