Nepal Agricultural Association (NAA)


Nepal Agricultural Association (NAA)

Agriculture for the people and the economy

Nepal Agriculture Association was established in the year 2017B.S by Agricultural graduates working in the Government service and legally registered in the year 2021 B.S.

The objective of the Society:

1. Support Government in its effort to modernization of agriculture for the economic development of the farmers.

2. Work for the rights and civil freedoms of the Agri. graduates working in different organizations

3. Encourage Agriculture graduates to maintain professionalism and solidarity among the professionals.

4. Study, analyze and make suggestion for improvements of government Agriculture policy, plans and programs. 

5. Support to implement farmers friendly the agricultural activities. 

6. Conduct Interaction workshop, talk program or similar activities from renowned scientist, policy, specialist technicians etc.

Ideology of the society

Work for the rights and civil freedoms of the Agri. graduates working in different organizations

Encourage Agriculture graduates to maintain professionalism and solidarity among the professionals

Activities carried out by the societies

It was at the initiation of the Agricultural Association Rani Jagdamba donated the Shree Mahal to Agriculture research and education Department of Government of Nepal.  Present Shree mahal where presently Ministry of Local Development is situated, is originally handed over to Agriculture Ministry, This was exchanged with the place where now IAAS is running at Rampur. This was the milestone action of Association after its establishment.

Krisi Sakmachar (Agriculture News) is the predecessor of today’s Krishi program from Radio Nepal and NTV. 

Presently, carried out activities are many to list, however they are in the same line. National and international seminar is also organized and Meetings / publications are also made.

Member of the society.

All agriculture graduates.

It has maintained its cordial relation with all the professional societies,  while fighting for the  of technicians\' rights and  privileges.

What is NAA?

The Nepal Agriculture Association (NAA) is the country\'s eldest professional society established in 1960 (2017) to enhance the professional skills of agriculturists and to safeguard the welfare of agriculturists and farming communities of Nepal. It provides a common forum for agriculture development workers of all disciplines and intends to serve as the interface among all agricultural stakeholders including farmers, agroentrepreneurs, development, workers, donors, planners and policy markers. Driven by its core theme of Agriculture for the pepole and for the Economy NAA is committed to making every effort and utilizing its professional capacity and strength towards achieving its vision and mission. 

What is NAA Vision?

The vision of NAA is a strong and vibrant agriculture sector that is capable of meeting the livelihood needs of the people and contributing to the sustainable economic growth and poverty alleviation of Nepal. 

What is NAA\'S Mission ?

The mission of NAA is to boost the professional competence, confidence and morable of agriculture development workers in Nepal. 

What does NAA do to achieve the above mission?

Promote and organize policy dialogues and consultative forums on contemporary issues realting to agriculture development . 

Review and assess national policies,stratgies and programs and provide feedback and suggestions to the Government. 

Collectively raise voice and intiate appropriate actions,if and when any issue adversely affecting the professional interests and welfare of its members arises. 

Develop cooperation and linkages with organizations and individuals around the world for exchange of information and experience in the field of agricultural development. 

Plan,desin and implement programs at micro, meso and macro levels for improving agricultural production and productivity. 

provide, through its members, consultancy services to national and international organizations and individuals on areas where high-quality expertise services can be delivered. 

Maintain links with all stakeholders, and identify areas and opportunities that meet the professional interests and enhance the professional capability and welfare of its members. 

Facilitate interaction and foster cooperation among agriculturists. 

Recognize agriculturists for their outstanding contributions towards agricultural development and honor them appropriately. 

What is the Governance Structure of NAA? 

The General Assembly of NAA Members is the supreme bodies, which sets out long-term policies, strategies and approve the program and budget submitted by the Executive Committee (EC).

The Executive Committee is an eleven members body elected by NAA general assembly members  every three years. The Executive Committee is responsible for planning and executing programs of NAA and for leading the organization towards its vision.

Who can be Members of NAA?

NAA\'s constitution provides for four types of membership. The required qualification for each of these are given below. 

1. General Member: Nepali citizen with minimum of Bachelor Degree in Agricultural Sciences (general agri./ veterinary, etc) is eligible to be a General Member upon the payment of fee as prescribed by NAA.

2. Life Member: Any person eligible to be a General Member can be a life Member upon payment of fee as prescribed by NAA. 

3. Associate Member: NAA can award Associate Membership to any person not holding degree in agriculture, but who holds post Graduate Degree in any sciences and who is involved in agricultural profession upon the payment of annual fee as prescribed by NAA. 

4. Honorary Member: NAA Executive Committee can award Honorary Membership for a period of three years to an institution or individual in recognition to their outstanding contribution in the field of agriculture. 

What is the current Status of NAA\'s Membership? 

Currently, NAA\'S Membership strength is 656 of which 389 are General Members and 267 are life Member. However, potential membership strength runs in thousands. 

Where is NAA Represented?

NAA is institutionally represented in:

Nepal  Agricultural Research and Development Fund (NARDF) Steering Committee under the Ministry of Agriculture Development . 

Management and Development Council of Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (IAAS) .

Project for Commercialization and Trade (PACT) National Project Steering Committee under the Ministry of Agriculture Development.

What are the Sources of Fund? 

NAA\'s financial resources constitute:

Membership fees,

Grants from national and international donor agencies and governments;

Funds obtained form consultancy service;

Sales of publications, advertisements etc. 

Executive Committee:

President : Mr. Shambu K. Shrestha,  Mobile: 9841-323289

Vice President : Dr. Kaushal Kishor Lal,  Mobile: 9841-362142

General Secretary : Mr. Ram Prasad Pulami,  Mobile: 9841-379416

Treasurer : Ms. Niru Dahal Pandey,  Mobile: 98510-59777

Secretary : Dr. Tanka Pd.Barakoti, Mobile: 9841-827707

Member : Mr. Abadh Kishor Deo, Mobile: 9841-662050

Ms. Devaki Shrestha,  Mobile: 9841-223208

Mr. Hari Prasad Gurung, Mobile: 9841-235537

Mr. Sharad Chandra Shrestha, Mobile: 9841-280052

Ms.Sandya Neupane, Mobile: 9849-690426

Mr.Sudip Khatiwada, Mobile: 98511-99099


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Message of President

Ganesh Kumar KC

We feel extremely honored and express my great pleasure to bring our federation's website to be accessible to our valued readers. In this occasion, We would like to express warm welcome to all of you for investing your valuable time for surfing this site. we would like to take this opportunity to request all our recipients, donor agencies and well-wishers for their incessant support and cooperation in an attempt to achieve the goals and thank them heartily for their good wishes at all times. We hope, the information provided in this site will be useful to all of you. We assure you that, we will updating the information regularly. We look forward to receive your valuable comments and suggestions for correction this site. Thank you surfing this site.
Ganesh KC, President

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