Nepal Agricultural Economics Society (NAES)


Agriculture has been the prime sector of the Nepalese economy. The agricultural development policy and program issues related to natural resources, investment, subsidy/taxes, public/private services, marketing and pricing, trade and agro-industries are of paramount importance for economic growth and people\'s welfare. So, Nepal Agricultural Economics Society (NAES), established in the year 2005, has taken to the onus to pursue these issues, and suggest solutions to the stakeholders. NAES is dedicated to serve on skills and knowledge for agricultural advancement, and arranges for exchange of views.



The main objectives of NAES are to:

1.        Enhance co-operation among the agricultural economists, and agricultural scientists, enhance and protect their professional rights and welfare;

2.        Assess the agricultural policies, development status and problems of farmers and other stakeholders for suggesting innovative solutions to all these concerned;

3.        Suggest to the public and private agencies on marketing system, quality and prices of agricultural inputs and products for the welfare of producers, entrepreneurs and consumers;

4.        Provide research and consultative services to institutions and individuals;

5.        Enable members to carry out subject related consultations and services; and

6.        Support and execute agricultural research on technical, social and economic aspects.



NAES carries out the following activities:

1.        Arrange offices, fund and personnel to carry out different activities of the society;

2.        Organize conferences, seminars, workshops, training, talk programs and interactions among members and related professionals.

3.        Carry out research and consultancy services in the field of agricultural economics and allied aspects;

4.        Arrange training programs for the members on new developments in the field;

5.        Network with other organizations for professional development and welfare;

6.        Regularly publish journal and other occasional/issue papers;

7.        Raise membership and funds;

8.        Maintain library and other resource centers;

9.        Mobilize funds, get audit and maintain transparency; and

10.     Conduct other works to fulfill the Society\'s objectives.



The individuals who have M.Sc. in agricultural economics or at least B.Sc. Agri. (with major in agricultural economics) or M.A. (economics or statistics) with three years of experience in agricultural economics are eligible to apply for NAES membership. NAES has the following types of members:

1.        Genearl Members;

2.        Life Members;

3.        Associate Members (Non-resident Nepalese in agro-economic studies, teaching and businesses)

4.        Honorary Members (Individuals in scientific institutions or enterprises in recognition of their contribution to agricultural development) and;

5.        Institutional Members: NAES profile provides information about the members and rules for membership.



The NAES holds general assembly every year. The assembly elects an eleven-member executive committee, appoints auditor and makes policies.

The executive committee members are as follows: President, Vice-President, Secretary General, Directors (three), Treasurer and Members (four).

The three directors are: Research and Human Resources Development; Planning, Co-ordination and Monitoring and Information, Publication and Public Relations.

The NAES has three advisors to provide valuable suggestions for effective performance of the society.



The funding sources of the society are:

1.        Membership fees and donations;

2.        Institutional grant ;

3.        Receipts from sales of its publication and advertisements in the journals;

4.        Income from conferences, workshops, seminars, trainings etc.; and

5.        Consultancy services.



NAES publishes the “Nepalese journal of Agricultural Economics”. The journal has a policy to emphasize the agriculture, Agro- industry, Marketing and trade, and livelihoods in the Nepalese condition. NAES brings out other publications on topical issues.


Executive Committee


President                                                 Dr. Pushpa Ram Bhakta Mahtema

Phone (M) 9851073853


Vice President                         Mr. Y.B. Thapa

Phone (M) 9851102049


Secretary General                    Mr. Ram Prasad Pulami

Phone (M) 9841379416


Director (R & H RD)              Mr. Dibakar Paudyal

Phone (M) 9841286257


Director (IPPR)                       Mr. Rudra Bahadur Shrestha

Phone (M) 98492465


Director (PCM)                       Dr. Pradhyumna

Phone (M) 9851125554 Raj pandey


Treasurer                                 Mr. Bhoj Raj Sapkota

Phone (M) 9745007381


Member                                   Dr. Kiran Raj Joshi

Phone (M) 9841551530

E-mail: kiran_raj_joshi@

Member                                   Mr. Badri Khanal

Phone (M)


Member                                   Ms. Sanju Rimal

Phone (M) 9851031783


Member                                   Mrs. Sanu Maiya Shrestha

Phone (M) 9841666444


ADVISORS                           Mr. Jagdish Chandra Gautam

Phone (M) 9851078352


Dr. Ganesh Raj Joshi

Phone (M) 00977-1-4434304


Dr. Bishnu Dutta Awasti

Phone (M) 9841526412




Message of President

Ganesh Kumar KC

We feel extremely honored and express my great pleasure to bring our federation's website to be accessible to our valued readers. In this occasion, We would like to express warm welcome to all of you for investing your valuable time for surfing this site. we would like to take this opportunity to request all our recipients, donor agencies and well-wishers for their incessant support and cooperation in an attempt to achieve the goals and thank them heartily for their good wishes at all times. We hope, the information provided in this site will be useful to all of you. We assure you that, we will updating the information regularly. We look forward to receive your valuable comments and suggestions for correction this site. Thank you surfing this site.
Ganesh KC, President

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