Society of Agriculture Scientists Nepal (SAS-N)

 The Society of Agricultural Scientists, Nepal (SAS-N) is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to agricultural research and development in Nepal. The Society serves as a shared forum for agricultural scientists and researchers throughout the country and in various agricultural and related institutions. SAS-N got officially registered in District Administration Office, Lalitpur on 5 June 1995 with registration no. 490/051/52. It has over 450 members, including 278 life members.



The SAS-N aims to safeguard their professional integrity and improve research standards, thereby fostering economic development through agriculture growth. 



·   Protect and promote the professional rights, dignity, integrity and welfare of the members of the SAS-N, whilst being fully committed to the democratic norms and fundamental human rights as laid down in the Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal, 2047 (1990).

·   Suggest Government of Nepal (GON) in formulating policy and resolving the problems related to agriculture.

·   Organize national and international workshops, seminars, conferences etc. on the topics relating to existing status of agricultural science and technology for increasing agricultural production and productivity, making the conclusions and recommendations for resolving various relevant problems in Nepal.

·   Publish agriculture related booklets, compendia of research findings and scientific journal that are useful to farmers, extension, scientists and related persons.

·   Organize various programs for the SAS-N members with an aim to share their research experiences among themselves and to coordinate their activities with national and international institutions.

·   Provide consultancy services to various domestic and foreign institutions as required.

·   Exchange cooperation with various organizations of agriculture and other related professional organizations and institutions, maintaining cordial relationship with them.

Executive Committee (2012-2015)


President                                                Hira Kaji Manandhar, PhD
Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC), Singhadurbar Plaza, Kathmandu


Vice-President                                       Keshab Babu Koirala, PhD
National Maize Research Program, Chitwan,


General Secretary                                  Yuga Nath Ghimire, PhD

Socio-economics & Agricultural Research Policy Division
Nepal Agricultural Research Council, Singhadurbar Plaza,


Treasurer                                               Keshav Prasad Shrestha
Nepal Agricultural Research Council Singhadurbar


Secretary (Admin. Mgmt.)                   Suraj Baidya

Plant Pathology Division Khumaltar, Lalitpur, Nepal


Secretary (Coordination)                     Chetana Manandhar

Plant Pathology Division Khumaltar,


Secretary (Financ Mgmt )                    Neena Gorkhali
Animal Breeding Division Khumaltar,


Member (Seminar/Conference)           Deepa Singh

Horticulture Research Division  Khumaltar,


Member (Publication Management)   Ram Babu Paneru

Entomology Division Khumaltar, Lalitpur,


Member (Membership Management) Ramesh Prasad Sah

Regional Agricultural Research Station Kaski


Member (Planning Technical Service) Tika Bahadur Karki

Regional Agricultural Research Station Kaski



Message of President

Ganesh Kumar KC

We feel extremely honored and express my great pleasure to bring our federation's website to be accessible to our valued readers. In this occasion, We would like to express warm welcome to all of you for investing your valuable time for surfing this site. we would like to take this opportunity to request all our recipients, donor agencies and well-wishers for their incessant support and cooperation in an attempt to achieve the goals and thank them heartily for their good wishes at all times. We hope, the information provided in this site will be useful to all of you. We assure you that, we will updating the information regularly. We look forward to receive your valuable comments and suggestions for correction this site. Thank you surfing this site.
Ganesh KC, President

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Nepal Agriculture Federation
Agriculture Marketing Directorate
Harihar Bhawan
Phone: 9851084226,9851007264,