The IPM Trainers Association Nepal (TITAN)

TITAN, established in 2002, is a non-profitable professional association dedicated to farmer led Integrated Pest Management (IPM) activities.



A society in which the roles, rights and aspirations of farmers are respected and supported and where ecological learning is a cornerstone of rural livelihoods.



To promote and sustain the quality of IPM activities including training through Farmers Field School (FFS) and other farmer centered programs.



Its aim to empower farmer in IPM activities with educating them in ecological, social and environmental aspects.



TITAN carries out its mission as below:

1.        Conduct its own field project with the support of outside donors.

2.        In partnership with other organizations to implement IPM activities.

3.        To provide financial and technical support to grass root farmers activities.


Information Sharing:

TITAN will provide a forum for exchanges of ideas and experience among the members, by means of meetings, documentation and other activities.



TITAN will establish standards of IPM training in Nepal and provide professional certificate for both trainer and training activities.



TITAN will promote the importance of and IPM training, the farmer field school, and the professional standards which have been established by the Association, by providing relevant information to Government agencies, NGOs and the general public.



TITAN will represent the professional interests of IPM trainers in Nepal through dialogue with the management of The National IPM Programme, and through interaction with similar associations and organizations in Nepal and other countries.



TITAN will, on request, mobilize the expertise of members to carry out planning activities, training courses and evaluation studies for other organizations on a non-profit basis.



TITAN consists of an advisory committee and executive body. The advisory committee made up of people, who have been extensively working in the field of agriculture and IPM. The elected executive body consists of thirteen members of IPM professionals representing from different level i.e., farmer IPM Trainers, and IPM trainers from NGOs and Governments. It has more than 300 general members from different districts of Nepal.


·          Ministry of Agriculture Development (MOAD), National Agricultural Research and Development Fund (NARDF), Bansbari, Kathmandu, Nepal.

·          MOAD, Department of Agriculture (DOA), Plant Protection Directorate (PPD)/National IPM Program, Hariharbhawan, Lalitpur, Nepal.

·          DOA, PPD, Pesticide Registration and Management Division (PRMD), Hariharbhawan, Lalitpur, Nepal.

·          District Agriculture Development Offices (DADOs)

·          Nuffic,Netherlands

·          HELVETAS,Nepal

·          KARITAS, Nepal

·          Regional and District IPM Farmers Associations

Activities so far carried out:

1.                 Conduction of training of facilators (TOF) in vegetables, rice, coffee and other crops

2.                 Refresher training course for IPM facilitators

3.                 Conduction of FFS

4.                 Conduction of farmers and science

5.                 Policy formation on IPM

6.                 Development of curriculum in IPM related activities

7.                 Promotion and rearing of biological control agents

8.        Training on different aspects such as safe use of pesticides, biological control agents promotion and other IPM related activities

9.                 Consultancy service on IPM at international and national level

10.              Information, education and communication materials preparation on IPM


Contact:   Email:               Phone/Fax no: 00977-1-5541601


Executive Committe

Chairperson                  Ms. Shashi Adhikari

Vice Chairperson          Mr. Achyut Pd. Dhakal

Secretary                       Mr. Parsuram Adhikari

Vice Secretary              Ms. Shova Humagain

Treasure                        Ms. Sabitri Baral

Executive Member        Mr. Laxmi Pd. Kharel

Executive Member        Mr. Rajiv Das Rajbhandari

Executive Member        Mr. Krishna Bhadra Adhikari

Executive Member        Mr. Khadga Pd Shrestha

Executive Member        Ms. Rita Bastakoti

Executive Member        Mr. Narayan Neupane

Executive Member        Mr.Madhusudan Poudel

Executive Member        Mr.Santosh Giri



Message of President

Ganesh Kumar KC

We feel extremely honored and express my great pleasure to bring our federation's website to be accessible to our valued readers. In this occasion, We would like to express warm welcome to all of you for investing your valuable time for surfing this site. we would like to take this opportunity to request all our recipients, donor agencies and well-wishers for their incessant support and cooperation in an attempt to achieve the goals and thank them heartily for their good wishes at all times. We hope, the information provided in this site will be useful to all of you. We assure you that, we will updating the information regularly. We look forward to receive your valuable comments and suggestions for correction this site. Thank you surfing this site.
Ganesh KC, President

Contact Details

Nepal Agriculture Federation
Agriculture Marketing Directorate
Harihar Bhawan
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